Kimitech (Smart Home Life) and OpenHAB?

Sooo, I went off half cocked and bought a couple Kimitech smart plugs. After getting it all set up and on the network I realized there isn’t a binding for Kimitech specifically. The android app is called “Smart Home Life” and has your basic set of features for timers and scenes and such.

Has anyone ever tried hooking these into OpenHAB? Just wondering before I either dive in or send them back.

Happy Sunday!
— Travis

I just did a search to see if there was an open API and apparently Kimitech is not loved by the internet community. Based on all the negative postings I saw I would send them back whether or not they can be made to work with OH.

Do you mean Smarter Home Life? If so it looks like they have a Hub that you will eventually be able to download a local API plugin to support local control of the devices. But give the rest of what I found I wouldn’t wait. I only spent a minute or two looking so I may have encountered all the wrong links.

Great, thanks for the reply. The Wemo’s have been pretty ok so I’ll probably just stick with those.

Happy Monday!