Kindle Fire - 24/7 On?

I picked up a refurbished Kindle Fire 5th generation for less than $30 on Amazon. I’m using this device as a test case before I pickup one for every room.

Currently, I have it running HABPanel with the screen on, lowest brightness, 24/7 via the developer options, but wonder if there is a better way? I’ve done some Google searching, but it looks like my best option would be to root the device. So far I am running it stock from Amazon using the silk browser in full screen.

Is a 24/7 on screen that bad for power consumption, or is it worth the time to configure motion sensed screen turn-on functionality? (Which as far as I can tell requires rooting the device)

@_TrentJohnson I’m curious: How do you power the Kindle? I can’t see any cabling in your picture.