Kindle Fire 7" Aspect ratio

Hi, folks. I have problems with habpanel and kindle fire 7".
Here is screen specs:
Size 7.0 inches (~62.8% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 600 x 1024 pixels (~170 ppi pixel density)

Widgets is always huge or always small. i can’t set right size of widgets…i think problems is aspect ratio but in dashing there is no problem (as i remember there are some settings about widget size).

Maybe anyone know how to hide useless top string with name of dashboard?
Hope anyone help me not to go back to dashing…thx

I am running HABpanel on wall mounted 7" Kindle Fires and had sizing issues when I started. I found that changing the number of columns for the dashboard provided greater flexibility in widget sizing and usable screen space. This can be changed from the “Advanced” tab in the dashboard settings. 24 columns worked well for my testing so far.

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Thank you. i’ll try this.