Kiosk Habpanel RPi

Looking for recommendations regarding puting Habpanel on display with RPi3.

Requirements: Screen rotation, set screen resolution
Bonus features: Schedule screen on/off, schedule restarts

My experience:
Raspbian: Used almost a year. Had problems with popups, webbrowser failures etc. Looking for a more stable solution.

Porteus-kiosk: If I remember correct I could not rotate screen(?)

Chilipie-kiosk: If I remember correct I could not set screen resolution.

Linutop: No support for custom URL at startup (free version).

Are people using any of this or is there better alternatives out there for free stable Habpanel displaying on Pi?

I would be interested in this as well. At present I run Raspbian for my habpanel, stability is the only issue, but this is only occasional. I also run an instance of mycroft ai on the same device, I just asumed it was this that was causing the issues. I don’t have trouble with pop ups. I have tried fullpageos and webkiosk with very little success.

A minute ago I did get the chilipie-kiosk up and runnning without any problems. Nothing good to say yet but I am hoping it will be more stable then my NOOBS experience.

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