Knob widget set center point?

Astonishingly, I have found nothing on this topic at all on Google but maybe I’ve been searching for the wrong expressions?

Is there a way to set a center point for a knob widget? At the moment, when I define a knob that goes e.g. from -127 to 127, it will still go from -127 upwards clockwise. What I would like to achieve is that it goes from 0 to 127 clockwise and from 0 to -127 counter-clockwise, I.e. if the value is 0, no bar would be shown (or only a thin line).

@anon69363600 - did you ever find a solution for this?


I have the same problem, and willing to write a widget to do that I just miss the crucial info how to draw a dynamic bar that size is based on the itemValue

I look also for something like this I found this:
Perhaps somebody know where in the code to change something to do this.

Specifying minimum and maximum values, note that the value arc is drawn from the calculated zero >point. We have also made the arc appear thinner:







Changing size and colors: