Knx abnormal disconnect

Inexplicably when I use my openHab with knx device I receve this message:

  • establishing connection failed, timeout connecting to control endpoint

and I lose my KNX/IP Gateway. I Tried all but nothing !!! what can I do ???

Sharing your set up and configuration would be a step towards a solution.

I use the Paper UI with this option:

  • IP connection type: Tunnel
  • Network address:
  • Port: 3671
  • Local KNX GA: 1.1.129
  • Reading Pause: 50
  • Response Timeout: 10
  • Read Retries Limit: 3
  • Auto Reconnect Period

This is my /etc/default/knxd is

–eibaddr=1.1.128 --client-addrs=1.1.129:8 -D -T -R -S -i --listen-local=/tmp/knx -b tpuarts:/dev/ttyAMA0

please help me !!

As a first test, please remove Local knx PA (Physical Address) or set it to 0.0.0

Did knx2 work as expected any time?

I have a version of knxd that is not good,
knxd 0.14.25 how do I install the current version 0.14.24 ???

I’ve already done this test!!!

Dear Denny

What is your current gateway for Knx connection?
Is it serial or Ip interface?

Serial on AMA0

Which manufacturer?
I am already using weinzierl kberry with knxd, it is working, but no stable.
Default binding (calimero)of openhab 2.3 is better, but it is working with serial ft 1.2 gateways with emi2 protocols.
Ip is stable, working good.