KNX and OH3: does "fetch" work with JIRA actuators?

While trying out openhab3, I’m now at the crucial part: getting my main stuff up and running: KNX! :wink:
I got the IP Tunnel (Weinzierl KNX 730) running (at least it says “online” now), and now I want to try to “fetch” the configuration of my actuators to make life a bit easier…
But neither of my actuators will go “ONLINE”, they all stay “OFFLINE”:

UID: knx:device:pl12:Dimmaktor5
label: KNX JIRA Dimmaktor5
thingTypeUID: knx:device
  pingInterval: 600
  address: 1.1.5
  readInterval: 0
  fetch: true
bridgeUID: knx:ip:pl12

which are: JIRA 2174 00 (dimming actuators), JIRA 1038 00 (shutter actuators), JIRA 5142 00 (touch sensors plus), JIRA 5133 00 (touch sensors komfort), JIRA 2114 00 (heating actuator).

So, can I do something to activate the “fetch”-stuff, or do I have to put in all the GAs and stuff?