KNX and Ventilation

I’m currently planning a new apartment that includes KNX everywhere. I’m also planning on having a heat exchanger that can then suck air out of rooms based on rules related to room presence, air humidity (in the drying room for example) or air CO2 levels.

But I’m running into a problem finding a good solution for this. I’m certainly not wedded to it being KNX based, but that would be nice. I would however like to be able to write rules based on KNX sensor inputs.

The general ventilation concept it something like this:

Now I’m at the point of trying to decide on how to control the 4 “KNX variablem Volumenstrom” vents. I’ve come across some components like a LM24A-KNX. But this seems like it needs to be tied into M-Bus system (that then talks KNX).

So my question is: how have others solved centralised air flow control?