KNX BAOS module 838 Kberry


Did somebody have any experiance with this print. And can it be used with openhab.
Must is be on a single rpi what is used for only knx surposes. Or is it possible to share it on the same rpi with openhab.


hey @Thetmar, I’m using this module since a yeah now without any flaws.
I run it with an odroid c1, but its of course compatible with the rpi.
The odroid also runs openhab in parallel - no problem.
You basically connect it to the pi, get KNXD running (which is not easy but there are forums to help) and make the pi available as a knx router. Thankfully KNXD supports this module out of the box.
then run openhab from the pi with the knx binding enabled, configuring it to connect to localhost as the knx router.
I put this all onto the din rail next to the knx installation and connected the knx wires.

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I have been using this module for a little while know and just wanted to share a few details.

  1. With the Rpi3 and Bluetooth it needs a little trickery to get the serial port working correctly. You need to do the same things as for the Razberry which is a little more documented (excluding the z-wave specific stuff) i.e do all of the Raspberry and Serial related things described here:
    [SOLVED] Problems getting: OH 2.2, Pi3, Jessy, Razberry & Z-Wave to work together
  2. KNXD is difficult but not impossible and it is being actively developed which is both a good thing and a bad thing
    Problems are solved quickly
    Documentation is a little off at times
  3. I have had no success is setting up either KNX binding (1.x and 2.x) with direct serial communication even though it should be possible because this board supports FT1.2 (which is what you are going to use with KNXD anyway)

Because KNXD is so hard to setup I at one point thought I had destroyed the board. In order to test the board I compiled the BAOS test tool from here: baos/Raspbian.adoc at d3030caf66870e04fed64764685fca865913bbf0 · weinzierl-engineering/baos · GitHub

I have linked two programs, they run ONLY on the RPI, and they are hard compiled to a serial port (obvious which is which)

They communicate directly with the KBerry and thus it is possible to test the board directly, then focus on fixing errors with KNXD or OpenHAB

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Hi, I’ve just bought a kberry module in order to set up a raspberry3/openhab2/knxd/kberry server (no serial communication as you). No problems with openhab but I even following tutorials and documentation I can’t get it working. Can you give me some advice, please? I know that it’s not quick but even a simple tutorial of few lines could be the Holy Grail for a lot of people. Thank you

I have received second question about openhab2 binding, so made very basic implementation.

Since I am not Java programmer, it may be not good as work as any of my JS scripts.
For oh2 support I implemented requests over pub/sub channel, so at least version is required. Before proceeding, install it first.

Binding’s source code is located at:

Compiled jar file:

Put this file at /usr/share/openhab2/addons/, change owhership:

sudo chown openhab:openhab /usr/share/openhab2/addons/org.openhab.binding.bobaos.jar

Restart openhab2 if needed:

sudo systemctl restart openhab2.service

Please keep in mind, that at the moment, only Switch channels are supported.

If you want to implement other types, like dimmer, etc, you should look at oh2 manuals at first.

Then, in binding’s sources, channel description should be added at /ESH-INF/thing/thing-types.xml

GUI command handling(line 58) and feedback callback(line 108) can be found at

Also patched and compiled native knx binding to use with BAOS 838 kBerry:

compiled jar file and notes can be found on github

For openHAB 3 I have patched the KNX binding to allow direct BAOS support (for kBerry) note there are new configuration options on the serial device to enable that

Release 3.1.x KNX with BAOS v1 · petero-dk/openhab2-addons (