KNX binary input

I have a KNX binary input that reads a gets triggered by alarm sensors. So when the alarm sensors detect a movement, the binary input receives an ON signal, and an OFF signal when the movement stops. The binary input sends an ON/OFF command to a switch actor so light can be switched.

I want to record this movement in Openhab so I can use it for more complex scripts. Although I see that there is a value recorded in ETS, the openhab logs don’t record this. What am I doing wrong?

Type contact : isMovementOffice			[ ga="1.001:<5/2/2" ]
Type contact : isMovementNightHall			[ ga="1.001+<5/2/4" ]

I’ve tried different setups, like
[ ga=“1.001:<5/2/2” ]
[ ga=“1.001+<5/2/2” ]
[ “<5/2/2” ]
[ ga=“1.019:<5/2/2” ]

But I never see in the logs that a movement is recorded.

Did you try Type switch?

I’ve tried

Type switch  : isMovementOffice				[ ga="<5/2/2" ]

But it’s not working

I use the following:

Type switch        : Alarm_in          	                    [ ga = "0/4/0"]

is for status, without the < is for the switch.

If you want to do anything at all with your channel (display, trigger rules, etc.), you’d link it to an Item.

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