KNX Binding - define source address for a thing?

Hi guys,
so I’m using KNX binding and its working great, controling lights and hvac via usb knx adapter connected to the same RPI machine with OH.

Now, I have a small issue and now sure if it can be solved…Temperature reading from HVAC for both bedrooms is arriving to the same GA (1/5/55) but from a different source (1.5.8 and 1.5.11)
So, the scenario is that each room has its own KNX wall controller where you can read the room temperature, but since they are on the same physical cooling unit, if you start AC in room1 it will run in room2.
OH shows me room temperature, but I never know for which room he is currently showing, as he keeps receiving updates from both rooms on the same address (but they are coming from a different device address on knx bus)

wondering if there is a way to define source address in OH things, so I can differentiate them and create 2 separate things to read those temperatures.


No, that is not possible. In fact, it would be better to use different GA for both rooms. You can add more than one GA to the actuator (which is the cooling unit in this case).

Sure, thx for the info.
I am no KNX expert, so I am just listening to the knx bus, not making any changes to the existing setup of the apartment, but since I started playing with it, I notice the configuration is not perfect…
If I would want to reconfigure that fan coil actuator, I would have to rewrite complete configuration of the device (which controls 3 speeds of the fan, sets the wanted temperature, sets the automatic mode and reads sensors temperature), and maybe of the wall controller units if I change the GA address for the second room temperature. Since I am no good in KNX, there is too high risk of breaking something and not having air conditioning, and it is already very hot in my place :slight_smile:
it would be easier to install some other temperature sensors and integrate them in OH…

Well, knx is designed for professionals :wink: so either learn it or leave it. But if someone did the knx system from start, it’s great and very easy to add as much devices as you want. I built my knx system in 2005 and changed and added some hardware over the time. I even changed the control system from LeibNIX to openHAB (with some intermediate solutions like Gira HomeServer and MisterHouse)

In question of knx configuration, you need the Engineering Tool Software for that (ETS), it’s not possible to change configuration from another Software tool (it’s higly secured against 3rd party Software, because EIBA does it’s money with that Software).

Right, agree :slight_smile:
I have the ETS software, which I used to listen to the group messages and write down all addresses of lights, dimmers and air conditioning units, so I think it was a good progress, 1 year ago I didn’t hear about KNX and then with your help on this forum last summer I took control over the existing KNX installation and have been addicted to OH ever since with many more bindings added to the system :slight_smile:

but you are right I should find time to learn how to work with ETS and reconfigure KNX devices. probably this will hapen if something dies in my existing knx system, then I will be forced to learn how to fix it :slight_smile:


Afaik ETS is capable to scan the knx bus for existing devices, including to rebuild the project data.
Of course this is without real names… but that will save some time.
If there is any advanced device (e.g. a wall switch with display), there is little to no chance to get the complete configuration for this device, but most of them are simple enough to rebuild the configuration manually by behavior.