KNX binding in paper UI


I’m trying to set up my very first OH on a RPi.
I have sucessfully installed OpenHABianpi and I can access the OH through both SSH and browser.

I’m now trying to setup the KNX binding to be able to communicate with my KNX system at home.

I have a Gira IP router, 2167 00 installed in the KNX system.

So, in paper UI I have installed the KNX binding from the Add-on menu, however under services I’m not able to find any KNX submenu? I don’t even know where to find “services/knx.cfg” it’s not in the Paper UI anywhere, nor can I find where to setup group adresses etc?

I’ve searched for a tutorial, but can’t seem to find any.

KNX is a 1.x version binding. Except for installation, you will not find anything about this binding in PaperUI. You have to do everything through text config files.

File locations

The KNX README talks about Group Addresses as part of the binding config you put on Items bound to KNX.

Thank you!
OH seem to be quite complex after all!
So I have to SSH myself to the OH and make all the config there?

Interesting! Are 2.x bindings more user friendly than 1.x binding in term of configuration for a Linux/unix noob?

In fact, you don’t need to ssh to the openHAB server to change anything (except very special things), but at least you need to use a samba share (in windows this appears as a windows share).

It’s not more or less user friendly to configure a system text based, but it is another way to configure, in most cases, if familiar with a system, one would prefer text configuration over web based configuration.

To ease your openHAB experience, please take a look at the Eclipse Smarthome Designer, which provides context help, text completion and error indication. You have to install this software at your Desktop, regardless if GNU/Linux, MacOS, Windows, and to change files on your Pi, you will simply use the share (see documentation for details) Be aware that openHABian will provide this shares per default, so you should be able just to use it.

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