KNX binding: Push button controller press identification available in OH?

Is there a way to identify a physical KNX push button press in OH? I’d like to extend a button press action by turning on several lights in OH. I don’t want add them to the device in ETS as I don’t want to turn the additional lights off when pressing the off push button.

In the debug log I see the following entry:

09:21:35.761 [INFO ] [ :51 ] - [KNXnet/IP receiver] link indication from 1.3.14

which informs about a physical KNX push button press.

How can use this info?

I am in the process of moving from the EIBPC to OH. There, I could use the following script:

if event(readrawknx(Raw_Kontroll2,Raw_Sender2,Raw_GA2,Raw_IsGa2,Raw_RoutingCnt2,Raw_Len2,Raw_Data2)) and Raw_Sender2==1.3.14 and Raw_GA2==getaddress('11/6/20'b01) and Raw_IsGa2 and "GRP 20 - DIM 03 / DIM 04 Schalten-11/6/20" == EIN and "Helligkeitmeldung > 3000 Lux-11/0/3" == AUS then { write("GRP 10 - DIM 01 / DIM 02 Schalten-11/6/10", EIN); write("GRP 10 - DIM 01 / DIM 02 Wert-11/6/12", 80%); } endif