KNX Binding Router / Tunnel and USB


I’m a real beginner here. Just signed up to this community forum and placed my pine64 order which will be deliverd in may :slight_smile:

At this moment I’m using Hager KNX components and the plan is updating the visualisation part to OpenHab.

My very first question is the difference in KNX bindings. I’ve already read there are various ways to connect KNX to Openhab.

The last one (Hager TH101 USB KNX interface) is the one that I’m using at this time for programming the KNX installation (directly connected on the PC).

I think I will start installing EIBD on my Pine64 and create an Openhab connection that way. The only thing bothering me is that EIBD is no longer more under development.
Is there any difference between using EIBD or a KNX Router / Tunnel? Are all OpenHab functions supported in both scenerios?

I read that some people prefer to use a KNX router instead of a tunnel. But I only have one bus cable and all devices are behind the same bus line . Isn’t it better then to use a KNX tunnel instead of a router?

When a dedicated KNX Router or Tunnel device is more stable or better then using EIBD I will consider buying one. Examples are more then welcome and my last question at this moment is:

  • Does a KNX interface (tunnel) supports another connection at the same time? When OpenHab is connected to the pine64 I would still like to connect my PC to the same KNX interface. In that way I can program my ETS devices and using OpenHab at the same time. Or do I need a KNX router in this case?

I’m really hoping someone understand my questions and can give some advice.

Thanks in advance,

I’m using a Weinzierl 730 IP Interface which suits my needs. It provides up to five tunnels to knx which allows to use more than one visualization at once (primarily used for testing/upgrading, but also for configuration with ETS), probably there are other interfaces which support this either.

The main reason for Routing Mode is to link knx bus lines over Ethernet, so there is no need to buy an expensive interface if you don’t need this feature. Tunnel mode works fine for me :slight_smile:

But eibd would work just as well. Keep in mind that there is a fork knxd which is under active development.
eibd could also be configured to work as a router or tunnel to support access for ETS.

Unfortunately busmonitor isn’t working properly - or at least it doesn’t for me - if there is more than one tunnel active through one interface (regardless of which interface, whether eibd or knx/IP). I have ‘Gira Tastsensor 2+’ which can’t be programmed if openHAB is online - perhaps due to my configuration, I’m using ETS from a VM under Xen, so maybe… but as I don’t do heavy programming @ knx :wink: I’m fine with that, and other knx hardware, particularly Hager actuators, doesn’t have this restriction.

Hello Udo,

Thank you for the clarification. It answers almost all of my questions and gives me more courage to start on the project.

I’ll try knxd first on my Pine64. I read on GitHub that they have a long way to go forward. But normally (when I am lucky) I will get everything working with the USB connection.

I’m very interested in using the knxd service for programming with ETS as well. This because I will use the interface dedicated for OpenHab and when I need to configure some knx devices it would be nice to have this working side by side. Any info on that part is more than welcome.

I read that more connections should work on eibd / knxd at the same time. Maybe under different users. I need to look into this and figure out how to configure my knxd instance.

Can you explain what you mean with busmonitor? The busmonitor is one of the main reasons I would like to use with the Pine64. Do you mean the busmonitor from knxd or a busmonitor in OpenHab? The first thing when everything is working is monitor the bus and write data to a MySQL database on my Synology. I’m not sure if I could use logging from OpenHab or if it would be better to use the busmonitor in knxd and write some python code to fill the sql database.

I know XEN servers had always more troubles with virtual network interfaces. Out of experience I know they could do strange things in windows. I would’nt be amazed if this has something to do with it. You can always setup a vmplayer (which is free) and try with another virtual machine.

Thanks again,

I meant the busmonitor in ETS - this doesn’t work properly side-by-side with openHAB up and running (but as mentioned before, maybe this is xen-related :slight_smile: so give it a try.) groupmonitor though works better - but those are logged in openHAB anyway. I don’t need busmonitor - only for debugging - so this is no downside for me.

Hello Stijn,

I’m a beginner with openhab too. Could you unstall the eibd or knxd on the pine64?


Hi Christian,

In the end I did choose for a Raspberry Pi 3.
KNXD and EIBD works fine on that platform. After more reading I found it to tricky to start with the pine64.