KNX binding sends reply message when nothing is defined for the group address in the message

When a scene message is send by a switch in my KNX installation, the KNX binding sends out the same message (see 1st image). In many cases this maybe wrong but not an issue, except why a Scene learning command (>64) is send, because the wrong settings are learned.
The explained behaviour happens when the groupaddress is the defined as thing, but als when the groupaddress is not defined as a thing.
Can somebody help?

Regards Herman

BTW OH 2.3.0 is installed

I’m pretty sure the correct DPT would be 17.001 if you don’t want to control learning scenes from openHAB, but I don’t know if this will help to suppress reply (if using number instead of number-control this may prevent reply from openHAB at all)

Udo thanks for the reply.
I will test dpt 17.001 later today. But even without anything defined on the scene address OH sends a reply, so I except no change in behavior. At the end I want to learn scenes from OH, so also DPT 18.001 (or 5.010) needs to work.

Regards Herman

As it’S Scene control only DPT 17.001 and/or 18.001 should work :wink: I’m pretty sure 5.010 is not correct here.