KNX Binding Sourcen from ETS5


I’am really new here and set up on an Rasperry Pi 3 opnehab2 inkluding the Binding KNK.
Have create the knx.settings with information to connect to my Gateway …

This is not the Problem …

My Problem is … I have received my KNX settings from my home as an KNX ETS5 Projekt file … If i opend it i get the installations …

But how can i get the information out of this for the actor etc.

Type rollershutter : demoRollershutter "Shade"       [ upDown="4/3/50+4/3/51", stopMove="4/3/52+4/3/53", position="4/3/54+<4/3/55" ]

the 4/3/50 is my problem … where coult i find this in ETS5 ?



Take a look at the devices. ets5_device
Mark the device you are looking for, take care of the channels.


i have opend ETS and found this:

these devices i would like to test for the openhab2 binding knx.

I found Gruppenadressen for each of them, updown and stop for the shutters.

But nothing looks like that in the example upDown=“4/3/50+4/3/51” here its three coded. My are double coded.

It is a setting for your KNX system found here:

Thanks that works for me …

problem two:

i habe put the gateway as an thing into openhab with the KNX Binding - Green and working
i have put the actor with the rollershutter as things into open hab - Green and working

I coud use these unter OH Control - every shutter works fine …

See my Actor and Channels:

Now i would like to put the yellow markt thing into my knx.items

Rollershutter KNX_Wohnzimmer_links  "Rollo Links [%d %%]"            <rollershutter> (GF_LivingRoom)  { channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:demoRollershutter" }

I have big problems by the {Binding} … I do not kown what to put into it thats the shutter works …

Could someone help me out ?

Greetings Henning

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You have to name the channel according to your thing.
so it would be something like:

Rollershutter KNX_Wohnzimmer_links  "Rollo Links [%d %%]"            <rollershutter> (GF_LivingRoom)  { channel="knx:device:ce7e05c5:13" }

In my case:

Rollershutter knx_rolladen_wohnen "Rolladen [%d %%]" <rollershutter> (gRolladen, gWohnen) { channel="knx:device:bridge:rollershutter_eg:rolladen_wohnen" }


thanks for helping me …
It works

I could now use the roller shutter and the other things (Weatherstation, Switch, etc.) from KNX on Openhab …

Lessons learned