KNX binding - what hardware is working with OH2


I’m suffering from a hardware-software constellation not working with OH where OH is loosing the connection to the bus (not going to details here in, several topics have been raised on that already).

What I would like to ask here is to provide working combinations of OH2 with KNX bus connectors. Seems some folks have a configuration up and running.

Maybe you can provide your “configuration” here and I maintain the a table here.

OH Version
KNX Hardware
Connection IP/USB/…

OH 2.4
MDT IP Router SCN-IP100.02

as I have already written to you here, the problem is fixed.

If you want to be absolutely sure, buy any KNX IP ROUTER and use the latest KNX bundle.

I have well over 10 installations under my supervision, configured with ROUTER mode and never had any problems. Working safely from my experience MDT IP Router SCN-IP100.0x and Enertex KNXnet/IP Router.

They were not specific hardware constellations, but misconfigurations and a bug which is now fixed.

Maybe it is only the Gira router which does not work?

Working perfectly with OH2.4 and the router Siemens 5WG1 148-1AB22.

Router or Tunnel Mode?

OH 2.5 Snapshot, included binding
Enertex Router in Router Mode

Tunnel mode