KNX Binding

Hello there,

I’m a new user.
I want to do volume control via KNX IP Router.
openhab> Bridge knx: ip: bridge [
array> type = “TUNNEL”,
array> ipAddress = “”,
array> portNumber = 3671,
array> localIp = “”,
array> readingPause = 50,
array> responseTimeout = 10,
array> readRetriesLimit = 3,
array> autoReconnectPeriod = 60,
array> localSourceAddr = “10.1.0”
Command not found: Bridge

It gives an error. I request your help.

Also the Paper UI KNX Binding does not appear on the page.

'cause you didn’t install it.
Get your basics right first, read the docs and

I’m not sure that’s the case here. Look at the screenshot. He wouldn’t be able to browse to Inbox > KNX Binding > Choose Thing if the KNX Binding were not installed.

@serkan, did you create the KNX Bridge? You need to create the Bridge Thing first. There should be an option the “Add Manually” or something like that on the page you screen shotted. I don’t use this binging so am limited in how much I can help but I can help with some of the basics like this.

It is helpful to provide more information in your question though. How did you install, what have you tried, what version are you using, stuff like that.

Right, I didn’t spot that.
He also wrote how he tried to create the KNX bridge.
@serkan, you cannot do that it Karaf console (well at least not like this).
Create a file in the “things” directory and put your config in there.
Or click through PaperUI as Rich explained.