KNX: control a room temperature controller (RTR)

I searched for a long time here in the community and in the wiki on github but didn’t find sufficient examples and/or howtos for a (in my opinion) pretty standard use case: automating a room temperature controller (RTR) with openHAB.
In my case it’s GIRA TS3+ (GIRA 514200, 514500), which is configured to control the heating of the rooms. What I want to achieve:

  1. read out the outputs (setpoint and actual temperature, operating mode, …)
  2. write the inputs (operating mode, setpoint temperature)

For this, I configured in the ETS the respective group adresses (the RTR uses 1Byte operating mode switch and 0.1K setpoint shift):

  • 8/5/11: Output: Controller status
  • 8/1/3: Output: Setpoint temperature
  • 8/1/1: Output: Actual temperature
  • 8/1/2: Input: Basic setpoint
  • 8/5/1: Input: Operating mode switchover

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a actual Item-type in openHAB, which could represent the 4-types of the Operating mode like [1="Comfort", 2="Standby", 3="Night", 4="Frost"]. And I didn’t came up with a solution to do this with just one Item. So the workaround is to place the item as switch and setpoint for temperature (I assume, KNX-binding is up and running):


/* Raum-Thermostate und -Regler */
Number RTR_EG_WoZi_actualTemp	"Ist Wohnzimmer  [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>		(EG_WoZi, dTemp)	{ knx="9.001:8/1/1" }
Number RTR_EG_WoZi_setTemp	"Soll Wohnzimmer [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>		(EG_WoZi)		{ knx="9.001:8/1/2+9.001:8/1/3" }
Number RTR_EG_WoZi_HVAC_mode	"Betriebsart"			<temperature>		(EG_WoZi)		{ knx="5.005:8/5/1+5.005:8/5/11" }


Switch item=RTR_EG_WoZi_HVAC_mode mappings=[1="Komfort", 2="Standby", 3="Nacht", 4="Frost"]
Setpoint item=RTR_EG_WoZi_setTemp minValue=5 maxValue=28 step=0.1

Only thing I miss, are changes in the UI, if the setpoint item is used (the temperature is updated, but the change is only visible after a page reload) and if the items are changed via KNX. In both cases a page reload helps, but is not triggered onChange.
Is this still the bug in this issue: ?

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I have the same issue. But one hint, on the sitemap you can use the item type selection for the heating mode

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Just trying but it doesn’t work for me the 5.005 type seems not supported on KNX OpenHab bridge, just tried to change it to string and send $01 value, but this is converted to ASCII mode and also doesn’t work. Any advice on make this work?

same problem here, we just want to use the setpoint to show the actual temperature and change the target temperature, OH2 should not involved in controlling the temperature as this is already done my the RTRs. OH should “only” control an visualize the Temperature items exposed by GAs