KNX Dimmer/slider not working

HI All,

I am starting with OpenHAB 1.8.3 and I am no table to make my dimming lights working.
I have a Hager dimming controler TXA213N.
The KNX addresses are:
On/OFF switch 1/0/3
Dimming control 1/2/3
Switch state 1/1/3
Dimming value % 1/3/3

I created a dimmer item as follow:
Dimmer Light_RDC_Salon_Est “Plafonnier Est [%d %%]” (RDC_Salon, Lights, gLumRDC) {knx=“1/0/3+1/1/3,1/2/3,1/3/3”}

This is not working. On the mobile UI (iOS or Android) I am only getting absolute values and this does not do anything.
Light_RDC_Salon_Est received command XX

On the Web UI I do not have a slider but some arrows.
Here I am getting ON/OFF command on short press and INCREASE/DECREASE command on long press.
but the long press always ends up by setting the valu to its maximum either 100% or 1%. I did not find a way to have intermediate values.

Anyway I usually do not use the Web interface but the Android/iOS application and I would be glad to know if there is a way to control the dimmer with ON/OFF INCREASE/DECREASE command on the interface.

If you need any additional info please let me know,
Thanks in advance for your help,

afaik the hager dimmer wants a stop telegram for relative dimming, so no luck with increase/decrease commands, as openHAB does not make use of stop telegrams see this open issue

But the absolute dimming should work flawlessly, at least it does for me (hager txa213 here) my configuration is for example:
{ knx=“3/5/0+<3/5/6, 3/5/1, 3/5/2+<3/5/7” }
3/5/0 is on/off,
3/5/6 is state on/off,
3/5/1 is increase/decrease/stop - (doesn’t work though)
3/5/2 is absolute dimming and
3/5/7 is absolute dimming state

Hi Udo,

Thank you so much! I was fighting with OpenHAB config but in fact it was an ETS issue (where I am also newbie :slight_smile: )
I was missing a proper configuration of the absolute dimming address group.

Thanks again,

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

@Udo_Hartmann I’ve run into a similar issue with a KNX dimmer. Here is my config:

Dimmer knx_boardroom_dimmer "Boardroom Dimmer [%s]" <light> { knx="0/0/4, 0/0/5, 0/0/6+<0/0/7" }

Slider item=knx_boardroom_dimmer label="KNX Dimmmer"

I am not the KNX guy, but the addresses seem to be correct, I’m not sure if 0/0/4 is ON/OFF or state on/off. The slider UI works adjusting dimming, turning lights off at 0. I’m also able to send a REST post request to set the value. On the classic UI instead of a slider I have increase/decrease buttons, holding these adjusts dimming until I release mouse.

Right so what’s the problem? Classic UI jumps value to 100, and sliders to what seems 50% after a certain time frame passes(seems to be 10 seconds). The lights physically brighten up as well. I’ve dimmed the lights and disabled the network to verify it’s due to openHAB and it is. I’m using KNX 1.9 binding on openHAB2.

Any idea what might cause this? Setting datatypes for any of the addresses seem to make the UI unresponsive, perhaps the type was wrong. eg <1.0001:0/0/4 so I’ve removed those, I think the KNX device is using 0-255 and the UI might be using 0-100?

Update: I moved the slider to the left to turn the lights off, they did not come back on but the slider updated itself to the middle again.

Update 2: I used an unused address of 0/0/44 instead of 0/0/4, the problem is no longer occurring, I guess this address is reporting the state of the lights? They switch off still when the slider reaches 0.

So, you should have one GA for switching on/off This would be DPT 1.001, same for state on/off.
For increase/decrease the DPT should be 3.007, and for absolute dimming it’s DPT 5.001 if remember it right, this is Percent 0-100% (resolution is ~ 0.4%, so yes, @ knx it’s 0-255, but openHAB does it for you)
As the slider seems to behave strange, maybe the percentage state is not working correctly. Do you have ETS or at least a complete list of Group Addresses?

@Udo_Hartmann Yes I have an ETS(correction ESF) file that I’ve been using for reference but it seems to be missing the extra on/off address? Or can that one GA be used for both switch and state? When I used a unused GA, like mentioned above the lights weren’t adjusting back to 100% brightness when 10 seconds passed.

I talked to the guy who manages the KNX setup and he said the dimmer doesn’t support separate switch/state for on/off. I think that would mean I need a dummy main GA and to use the 0/0/4 address as a listening GA after for the state?

Update: KNX guy looked into it and managed the actual ETS file, he added another address called a feedback via object I think? Prior it was providing status on the same switch address. We also apparently have a KNX device connected from months ago he had forgotten about(in the roof) that was setting 0/0/1 with the value 1 every few seconds, it might have been sending out values to other KNX addresses too.