KNX / DPT 3 / IncreaseDecreaseType


I don’t know if this is more a core or a binding issue. KNX DPT3 can be used in two modes: continous step or start/stop. In either case the dimming action starts with a decrease/increase telegram. This is properly mapped to INCREASE or DECREASE in the KNX binding. This includes a step size which is not used by the binding at the moment.

In the case of continous dimming, this telegram is repeated until it should stop. In the case of start/stop dimming, a STOP telegram, consisting of a step size of 0 is send to indicate the end of the dimming action. This is translated to INCREASE. The code documents that but every binding will have to workaround this.

It is easy to check if it is a stop telegram in the binding, as Calimero provides that information, however the IncreaseDecreaseType only knows about INCREASE and DECREASE.

IMHO adding STOP to IncreaseDecreaseType is the easiest way to solve that (@kai would that be compatible with ESH type philosophy?).

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

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@J-N-K how did you resolve this?

I’m currently in the same situation with the ZigBee binding - I need to be able to translate a command type into a Move/Stop command set, but IncreaseDecreaseType has no STOP.

Did you resolve this in KNX or is this still a desirable feature? I don’t believe that adding another enum would be a breaking change, and it seems to me (like you) that this would be kind of useful.

I didn’t. IIRC there was an issue where this proposal was rejected.

Is it still something you need? I’m happy to put forward a PR and showing a need in multiple bindings seems useful…

I still think this is useful and would e.g. simplify the DMX binding.

I’ve created a PR -: