KNX DPT 5.005 endless feedback loop when changing value (Steinel presence detector sensitivity)

openHAB version: 2.3.3

I have a steinel presence detector which allows to change the sensitivity through the bus. You can send a value from 1-4 which is the sensitivity, it is DPT 5.005 according to the detector’s manual. I created the item like this:

Number BM_Sensitivity "Bewegungsmelder Verstärkung Gästebad [%d]" { knx="5.005:5/0/8" }

It correctly reads/updates the item’s value if I change the sensitivity on the bus through ETS. Unfortunately when I change the sensitivity through openhab (for example with a Setpoint in a sitemap), it gets in an loop and does not stop until I remove the item. For example I tried to change it to “3”:

You can see it is sending the value “3” (from 1.1.252) and the presence detector is confirming the value (“1.2.54”), though it goes on like this endlessly.

I tried it with multiple sitemap items, the last one I tried is:

Setpoint item=BM_Sensitivity minValue=1 maxValue=4

What can trigger this behavior?

If have a lot of other knx items with different DPT (>50) and this is the first time I have such a behaviour.

Thanks for your help!

Still don’t know why this happens, but with knx 2.3 binding it does not have this behaviour. Looks like I have to migrate to the new binding …