KNX ETS projects needed

Hello everybody,

I’m planning to develop an import for KNX ets projects to automatically generate a things file from them.
For testing purposes it would be convenient to have some projects to test on so if you want to help me out with that I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:
Be assured that I will keep your projects to myself and won’t make them accessible to anybody else so I suppose it would be best if you PM me or post below :slight_smile:

Best regards Anton

Did you see

Yes I saw that PR, I also looked through the parsing part of his fork and understand why the PR was not accepted in this form.
This is why I would like to limit my work on parsing the group address name and try to match them together this way.

If your project is still there I can provide ETS files.
I can also thank you for trying to do this because :

  • It is a big mess to maintain ETS, things, items and your google home (if you are using it as I do) configs (all four have to be changed when you add/remove/modify things in ETS)
  • When migration arise from KNX1 to KNX2, also some people used the words “Fun” it was not fun at all.
    By the way, if I can suggest you something : don’t try to make a tool that can only do one shot import, but make a tool that can help maintaining thoses files during the life of your house :=)

Best regards

Hello and thank you for your input,

yes I’m still working on it, currently aimed at a one shot solution :wink: but don’t see why it couldn’t be used to keep things in sync as well.
Especially when it is enough that the ETS project is used as a single source of truth.

Best regards


is it possible to also import ETS Inside files?
I am using the ETS Inside to programm my installation and would appreciate this possibility. I can provide you some Inside files.

Thank you for your work!


Since I don’t have an ETS inside installation I have no idea what would be required to support those but I’ll pm you and take a look.

ETS inside can export knxproj. see for a source in french

i’m pretty new with OpenHab.
I try to configure the KNX light to OpenHab and they work fine.

There is a link where download a tools to import in OpenHub things+items from ETS project?

Let me know if you’re still willing to test this.

I can provide you a huge knx project from an electrician.
For the moment, no clue how I can transform it from ETS5 to items… Beside hours/days of manual checking and typing… :blush:

I have a non-published binding aka “KNX Advanced” that is able to parts ETS5 knxproj files. It parses all the xmls and automatically creates Things from what it finds inside the project file.

Unfortunately, at the time I wrote it there was little interest in the binding, so I kept it private


I have very little knowledge about KNX, but I saw your proposal. I think it was more lack of agreement how to handle that in OH itself than lack of interest. :wink:

Anyway, have you seen what @chrisdutz is doing in Apache PLC4X / KNX protocol implementation? He had some ETS parser but now he is working on decoding entire communication including KNX units. Maybe it could save or let share some work.

@splatch The difficulty with the knxproject files is not in their structure, but linked to the fact that the product definition files provided by the various manufacturers are either incomplete, not adhering to the standard and so on. That makes that in order to convert all the information in a consistent set of Things, you have to make trade-offs, or, as I did, provide classes that can judge and select the right Thing to use for whatever a manufacturer says a given definition would be.

The code is available in

You can give it a try or so, but it will most likely do weird things if you would happen to have exotic KNX hardware because it is tuned for the hardware/manufacturers I use in my installation.

FYI there was a small update in PLC4X … so more recent format of ETS file can be imported. Also float parsing was adjusted.