KNX ETS projects needed

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Hello everybody,

I’m planning to develop an import for KNX ets projects to automatically generate a things file from them.
For testing purposes it would be convenient to have some projects to test on so if you want to help me out with that I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:
Be assured that I will keep your projects to myself and won’t make them accessible to anybody else so I suppose it would be best if you PM me or post below :slight_smile:

Best regards Anton

Did you see

Yes I saw that PR, I also looked through the parsing part of his fork and understand why the PR was not accepted in this form.
This is why I would like to limit my work on parsing the group address name and try to match them together this way.

If your project is still there I can provide ETS files.
I can also thank you for trying to do this because :

  • It is a big mess to maintain ETS, things, items and your google home (if you are using it as I do) configs (all four have to be changed when you add/remove/modify things in ETS)
  • When migration arise from KNX1 to KNX2, also some people used the words “Fun” it was not fun at all.
    By the way, if I can suggest you something : don’t try to make a tool that can only do one shot import, but make a tool that can help maintaining thoses files during the life of your house :=)

Best regards

Hello and thank you for your input,

yes I’m still working on it, currently aimed at a one shot solution :wink: but don’t see why it couldn’t be used to keep things in sync as well.
Especially when it is enough that the ETS project is used as a single source of truth.

Best regards


is it possible to also import ETS Inside files?
I am using the ETS Inside to programm my installation and would appreciate this possibility. I can provide you some Inside files.

Thank you for your work!


Since I don’t have an ETS inside installation I have no idea what would be required to support those but I’ll pm you and take a look.

ETS inside can export knxproj. see for a source in french

i’m pretty new with OpenHab.
I try to configure the KNX light to OpenHab and they work fine.

There is a link where download a tools to import in OpenHub things+items from ETS project?