KNX ETS5 software licence


I am currently slowly building my KNX setup for my house using the ETS5 Lite licence I’ve purchased, which limits me to 20 devices.

I can see myself outgrowing the limit in not too distant future, so I need to upgrade my licence. It seems ridiculous for me to pay 800EUR for an upgrade / 1000EUR for standalone licence for home use only - I am not an integrator nor I intend to ever become one - I already do have a day-job.

I can see that it is possible to add additional licence to existing ETS professional one for 150EUR.

Is there anyone with professional ETS licence that would be willing to let me piggy back on theirs for the supplementary price?

I cannot seem to see any issue with this approach at, the only limit seems to be 2 supplementary per a single professional one.

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Hi. I can help on that. Contact: Thanks.