KNX invert_state

Hi there,

i am new at openhab. I have set up my raspberry pi 3 with openhab and bind it to my KNX system.
I have setup my rollershutters and i can control them via the webinterface, but they are going wrong directions.
If i am press the up arrow the shutters go down and if i press down arrow the shutters go up.

For Z-Wave there is an option for switching the directions, but for KNX there isn’t. The devices are wired correct. (other smarthome software is working right. e.g. openremote)

Can you tell me how to change the directions?

Many thanks

No, it’s not :slight_smile:

The point is, you can change the behavior in switches (left is up, right is up,top is up, bottom is up…), but not in the actuators (at least I don’t know of any roller shutter actuators where you can). In knx the definition is unambiguous:

6.2 Functional block Shutter Control2
The functional block “Shutter control” is principally used for the control of shutter and blind drive mechanisms and provides at least the following datapoint types as communication objects
Up/Down (1.008)
Step (1.007).
By writing on the Up/Down, a drive is set in motion from an idle state or changes direction while moving.
By writing on the Step, a drive which is already in motion is brought to a stop or a halted drive is set in motion for short periods (step-by-step).

Where 1 is DOWN and 0 is UP (this is a picture in the document I have linked, right above the quoted text), and so does openHAB.

Rollersutter MyRollershutter "My Rollershutter" {knx="1/1/1,1/1/2,1/1/3+<1/1/4",autoupdate="false"}

1/1/1 is MOVE
1/1/2 is STEP
1/1/3 is absolute Position in %
1/1/4 is feedback absolute Position in %, is also read at openHAB startup (<)

If sending an UP, openHAB will send a 0 to 1/1/1, if sending a DOWN openHAB will send a 1 to 1/1/1, if sending a STOP openHAB will send a 0 to 1/1/2.

If you don’t want to change the wiring, you will have to use a proxy item per roller shutter and a rule to change the direction.

In question of OpenRemote, they even don’t support DPT 1.007 nor DPT 1.008 and the definition in DPT 1.001 is WRONG!

I second Udo’s reply - Do you only control your rollershutter via openHAB? You must have the same outcome, if you try to control them via your KNX touch sensor?

If i control my shutters via Switches they work normal. (I mean physical switches in my livingroom)

But Switches can be configured (as written), so there is no way to prove if the switch actually sends an UP or a DOWN command when pressing UP. Of course you could have a look into events.log.

If the actuators have local switches, you could try to use them to see the direction. When using AC motors, you could measure which output pin is high for which direction.

What kind of switches are they? And did you yourself program them? Do you have documentation or a screenshot from the ETS?
As Udo pointed out, knx sensors can be inverted, so if you have the configuration in the ETS, it would show.

Ok, it seems you are right with your supposition, that the devices are wired incorrect. (Shame on me, i did it myself)
I had a look in my electrical cabinet, at my KNX shutter device. When i switch to manual mode, the device is showing that 3 of 4 shutters are in DOWN position, but all 4 are in UP position. I think i need to change the wiring of the three shutters. But i think i also need to change the setup of the switches in ETS in this case i think. :frowning:

So after a short time everything is now wired correct and openhab up and down buttons are working as they should. :slight_smile: Many thanks to all for helping me out of this. :smiley: