[KNX] Link physical "all lights off switch" with openhab rule to turn off the music (denon)

My knx binding works excellent, able to control all lights.
I have a knx switch configured in the house which turns all lights off, using GA 8/0/2
I now want an action to also turn off all music devices (denon speakers) in the house when I press this physical knx button.
I’ve done this with a rule as following:

rule "Turn off music when leaving the house"
		Item Licht_alles_uit received command OFF

The problem is that the item “Licht_alles_uit” does not receive any OFF command (when checking the log).
The item is configured as following:
in knx.things:

        Thing device DUMMY "Dummy" @ "KNX"
            Type switch : Channel_0 "" [ ga="1.001:8/0/2+<8/0/2"]    // All lights + audio off

and in knx.items:

Switch Licht_alles_uit    "alles uit"     <switch-off>     (gLightAll)     ["Switch"]   {channel="knx:device:BAOS771:DUMMY:Channel_0"}

When I switch the item in openhab itself (through a sitemap button), the rule works flawlessly. All lights go off, the rule fires and the music turns off.
However when I physically press my knx button in the house, only the lights go off (as configured in ETS), but the rule does not fire. Through the bus monitor in ETS I can see that 8/0/2 is indeed sent to te bus.

I can see the root cause in frontail

  • There is no event “Licht_alles_uit received command OFF” registered when I press the physical knx button.
  • In contrast, this event is of course recorded when I switch the item from openhab itself.

How can I resolve this? My assumption was that the +<8/0/2 configuration would read the 8/0/2 GA from the knx bus when the physical switch is pressed, but apparently this is not te case.

Thanks for the support

That’s right. In the general case, incoming information is applied to openHAB Items as state updates. The device is assumed to be an actuator, reporting its status to OH.
States are not commands.

The KNX binding does make provision for controlling devices, like a glass panel, to create commands in openHAB. You use a different channel type, from the xxxx-control family.