KNX "Negative Confirmation of ..."

Hi there,
I have a KNX environment installed and except few hickups everything is going very well. Today I updated my MDT IP router with a new firmware and a lot of errors being shown in PaperUI disappear which is a good thing.
I started with the configuration files but moved to using PaperUI when I started with Openhab 2.x (I know I am lazy but everything workes really good).
Now I receive error messages in the openhab log looking like these:

2020-05-24 20:12:32.645 [WARN ] [ ] - negative confirmation of 1.1.2: 2e009160fff111020081
2020-05-24 20:12:37.443 [WARN ] [ ] - negative confirmation of 1.1.2: 2e009160fff111020081
2020-05-24 20:12:37.769 [WARN ] [ ] - negative confirmation of 1.1.2: 2e009160fff111020081
2020-05-24 20:12:37.915 [WARN ] [ ] - negative confirmation of 1.1.2: 2e009160fff111020081

The IP is the IP of my IP KNX Gateway. 1.1.2 is the physical address of one of my actors. It is working propperly and switching when using PaperUI or Habpanel. So far so good. I have no idea where to look to solve this issue.
Maybe one of you came across a similar issue and I would really be thankful to receive hints to get rid of it.
Thanks a lot.

It’s a pitty, no replies to this post and question. I solved it by just ding some try and error processes and just document it here in case someone has a similar issue.
I followed a couple of postings on the internet that saied " use a generic device, don’t enter a physical address and don’t use fetch".
As I turned away from the configuration files and prefer using PaperUI I thought that I may leave some of the PaperUI fields blank assuning that it fills something somewhere else having a similar format and I thought that only GAs are needed to access anything on the bus.That’s what I did and it worked!
I deleted all physical addresses from the KNX things and since that moment in time the logs don’t show any errors anymore. I already switched fetch to no some weeks ago.

Hi there,

I had the similar problem. I just deleted ervery configurtaion for the thing (no fetch, no pinInterval, no readInterval …):

Thing device knx_test "KNX Test" [ ]
{ Type switch-control :Panel "Panel" [ga="1/0/22"}

The logs don’t show any erros.