KNX not working


I have upgraded my CentOS from 7 to 8 Stream and now I am having trouble with KNX.

I have this problem with both openhab2 and, after an upgrade, openhab3.

From what I can tell, the binding does send out KNX packets to the multicast address and my router does reply (verified with wireshark) but the packets do not seem to arrive in the binding.

I can see the packets coming in with tcpdump, though.

The router device says it is online but none of the connected devices are online.

I have tried the command as defined in the manual:

setcap 'cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=+eip cap_net_bind_service=+ep' $(realpath /usr/bin/java)

but then openhab3 does not start.

If I modify it to:

setcap 'cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=+eip' $(realpath /usr/bin/java)

Then openhab starts.

I am out of ideas of things to try.

This was due to changed firewalling.