KNX rollershutter-control link to other rollershutter

Dear all,

sorry but I have no idea how to start with it. I thought it was easily made with some additional meta data…

I have a Ikea blind, that is linked to openhab via deconz binding. Working so far: I can control it via openhab.
Now, I want to control it with a KNX wallswitch. I have created a ‘virtual’ channel in my KNX things for that with the type of rollershutter-control.

But my question is how to link this to rollershutter items, that the KNX follows the deconz item?
(running OH3)

A knx *-control channel is to control a non knx device with knx hardware (e.g. a knx wall switch to control the ikea blinds).

The technical difference between a control and a non control channel is:

knx channel incomming outgoing
    control  command  postUpdate
non control   status  sendCommand

So, for a control channel an incoming message will result in a trigger “received command”. For a non control channel an incoming message will result in a “received update” (and maybe a “changed” event).

If you want to use it that way, simply link both knx-control channel and deconz channel to the same rollershutter Item.

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it worked like a charm. So easy :slight_smile: