KNX rollershutter with angle controll

Hi all

I have setup a opehnab3.3 and try now to bind my knx system. All our Rollershutters have also angle control. The widget of openhab only can handle up down and stop. So I try (how I read here) to use a “dimmer”, because the angle control must send a 5.001. I try with another system and they was sended it as 5.001 command.

My knx.things looks like bellow

        Type rollershutter         : rollOGWohnzimmer        "Rolladen Wohnzimmer (OG)"           [ upDown="2/4/196", stopMove="2/4/198", position="2/4/201+<24/4/177" ]
        Type dimmer                : rollOGWohnzimmerAngle   "Rolladen Wohnzimmer (OG), Angle"    [ ga="2/4/200+<24/4/179" ]

My knx.items looks like bellow

Rollershutter RollOGWohnzimmer "Rolladen wohnzimmer (og) [%d %%]" {channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:rollOGWohnzimmer"}
Dimmer RollOGWohnzimmerAngle "Rolladen wohnzimmer (og), angle [%d %%]" {channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:rollOGWohnzimmerAngle"}

I was watching into my busmonitor (ETS), but I never see the the command they was sended for the “Dimmer”…

Any ideas how to solve this?

dimmer parameter is called position, not ga

Type dimmer                : rollOGWohnzimmerAngle   "Rolladen Wohnzimmer (OG), Angle"    [ position="2/4/200+<24/4/179" ]

Here’s my code in case you want to take a look at it:

        Type rollershutter  :   EG_Treppenhaus_Jalousie_Fenster_Position            [ upDown="3/1/0",  stopMove="3/2/0",  position="3/3/0+<3/5/0"   ]

        Type dimmer         :   EG_Treppenhaus_Jalousie_Fenster_Winkel              [ increaseDecrease="3/2/0",  position="5.001:3/4/0+<3/6/0"   ]

Thank you so much! I will try it. Can you give me a hint how to send i.e. the angle to 20% over a ECMAScript?

I don’t use ECMA, but it’s a simple sendCommand, nothing special.

As Blocky creates ECMA code, you could build a simple rule in Blockly and read the generated code.

@Jonas88 Thank you for your Example, can you explain me the parameter increaseDecrease? In my case, which GA did I need for it?

@Udo_Hartmann thank you! this is working!

increaseDecrease is DPT3.007, INCREASE/DECREASE. If using absolute positioning, you won’t need this parameter. In fact, I’m using it only to control things from knx via dimmer wall switch (which is only able to send ON/OFF (short press) or INCREASE/DECREASE (long press)