KNX secure - initial implementation

Hi there,
I am adding support for KNX secure to the existing KNX binding. KNX security is basically split in two different aspects:

  • KNX IP Secure protects the traffic between openHAB and your KNX installation. It requires either a KNX Secure Router or a Secure IP Interface with security features enabled in ETS tool.
  • KNX data secure protects the content of messages on the KNX bus. In a KNX installation, both classic and secure group addresses can coexist. You need devices that support data secure and configure this in ETS tool.

The Github issue on this is out there for quite a while, issue #8872. Prerequisite for the implementation was to switch to the lastest release of the Calimero library, done in OH3.2 release.

As a first step, KNX secure implementation is there as a PR #12434. It has been tested in production with an Enertex IP Secure interface (secure tunnel).

I could need some help testing this on other devices, especially I am lacking experience with secure routers (in router mode, not tunnel mode). Any support would be appreciated, please feel free to comment into the Github issue.

Thank you!


Hi Holger,
I was struggeling with this binding a few month ago.
I’ve just tried this binding again on OH3.2 (RasPi4B) and it is working with my MDT SCN-IP000.03 secure IP Gateway, that is providing 4 dedicated tunnel to KNX.
Just “TUNNEL”, the IP address, default port and a free tunnel address from the gateway.