KNX setup on OH3 UI

Hey together,

I have tried to switch to OH3 with a fresh install to correct some old mistakes in my OH installation. The core use of my set up is to expose the KNX installation to HomeKit. I found the KNX setup very straight forward in OH2 but the setup vis the OH3 Ui generates knot in my brain.

  1. Bring the Bridge online (works)
    I used the same configuration data as in OH2 and it is shown as online.
  2. Create a thing | lets stat with a light switch.
    In OH2 this light switch would be configured as: Type switch : ES_Buero_Fensterlicht “Fensterlicht Büro” [ ga=“0/1/6+<0/1/7” ]

The OH3 UI Code

UID: knx:device:722570b90a:9ce99e77a5
label: Buero_Fensterlicht
thingTypeUID: knx:device
pingInterval: 600
address: 0.1.6
readInterval: 0
fetch: true
bridgeUID: knx:ip:722570b90a
location: Buero

  • id: Buero_Fensterlicht
    channelTypeUID: knx:switch
    label: Buero Fensterlicht
    description: “”
    ga: 0/1/6+<0/1/7

Any Ideas why it won’t work. In an instant I got it to turn on but not off so I know the Gateway connection works for sure.

Or is there a way to still configure it using files? I only found the option to add Items via file import and that worked like a charm.

I think once I understood it I would write a documentation but I need to understand the change first. :wink:

Thanks for the help already and happy easter projects.

Cheers Marvin :slight_smile:

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