KNX switch-control and group address syntax

Right - I’m embarrassed to ask this question because I see it coming up so often (usually followed by a very patient answer by @Udo_Hartmann ) but for the life of me, I cannot seem to integrate it into my situation:

OpenHAB should own the state of the winter/summer switch:

Type switch-control : SummerMode "is Summer" [ ga="1/6/20" ]

Switch SummerMode "[MAP(] mode" (gPersistRestarts) ["Switch"] {channel="knx:device:heating-mode:SummerMode"}

My assumption is that since OpenHAB controls the state of SummerMode it will also respond to GroupValue_Read requests from the KNX bus. Correct?

I also setup my MDT heating controller to read the value of 1/6/20 but when testing in ETS5 I don’t see answers to read requests.

Would a mainGA that accepts read requests? I tried ga="<1/6/20" and I also tried ga="1/6/21+<1/6/20" and ga="1/6/21+<1/6/20" but I feel like I’m shooting in the dark… what’s the right way to have a group address that my heating actor can read that is only switched from within OpenHAB rules (no other KNX devices)?

Hello Simon,

in the item definition I’m missing the bridge. Not shure, if it’s really required but it’s in the examples and I’m using it as well.

Switch SummerMode “[MAP(] mode” (gPersistRestarts) [“Switch”] {channel=“knx:device:bridge:heating-mode:SummerMode”}

@JuSt thanks for the comment - I’m using the following format to enable to me spread out my knx things across multiple files and reference back to knx:ip:knxrouter defined in one place. For example:

Thing knx:device:ntp         "KNX Date/Time"          (knx:ip:knxrouter) {
        Type datetime-control      : knxdate    [ ga="11.001:1/3/11" ]
        Type datetime-control      : knxtime    [ ga="10.001:1/3/12" ]

My other knx things are definitely working so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Well, in theory, openHAB should answer to read requests when it’s a *.control channel, but to be honest, I’ve never seen an answer to a read request from knx bus either.

As your bridge seems to be a knx/IP Router, is filtereing switched off?

for *-control channels, the first GA is the one which is used to answer read requests, so whgen using

Type switch-control : SummerMode "is Summer" [ ga="1/6/20" ]

a read request to 1/6/20 should be answered by openHAB.