KNX to Z-Wave


I’m trying to control a Z-Wave dimmer with a KNX switch.
Whats the best way to do this?


 // The switch
 Dimmer House_Light_Bedroom_MasterBathroom_Ceiling "Taklampe [%d %%]" {knx="5.001:14/4/3"}

 //The lamp that should be dimmed
 Dimmer miosBedroomBathCeiling "Bedroom Bath Ceiling [%d]%" <slider> (GDimmer) {mios="unit:house,device:15/service/Dimming1/LoadLevelStatus,command:MAP("}

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One step closer!
Got it working… kinda:

Dimmer House_Light_Bedroom_MasterBathroom_Ceiling_Bridge "Taklampe [%d %%]" {knx="5.001:14/4/3", mios="unit:house,device:15/service/Dimming1/LoadLevelStatus,command:MAP("}

Only problem now is that the light goes only ON/OFF or from 0% directly to 100% to be more specific.
I’ll have a look in ETS… might be something there.


Could anyone please advice on how to setup my Gira Switch in ETS, so that it’s working as an dimmer on longpress?

In this setup, the light only switches on and off (0 - 100%)

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Hi Ivar,

According to your ETS parameters, everything seems to be configured correctly!
Do you see in ETS the values from the GIRA push button being sent on the bus? Can you print screen the group monitor filtered on group address 14/4/3?
What does contain? Do you have all the values between 0 and 100 with a 5 point step written in the file?

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Hi George

I actually changed some settings on the switch in ETS:

I changed the “rocker” to act as two separate buttons, and then applied the settings shown in the picture above. Button 2 has 0 as Value and “Downwards” as Direction of value.

It’s working OK now, but not perfect. I can’t “short press” to quickly turn the lights on or off still… i have to “long press” and wait until the lights turns off by dimming.

Regarding the mapping file… I realized it’s even working without it.
Here it is anyways:


The new modified item without map reference:

Bedroom_MasterBathroom_Ceiling_Bridge    "Taklampe [%d %%]"     {knx="5.001:14/4/3", mios="unit:house,device:15/service/Dimming1/LoadLevelStatus"}


Hi Ivar,

You may already have solved this problem. If not, my reply might be helpful on the KNX/ETS side.

For your purposes I expect you are wanting to achieve switching on/off (DPT 1.001 Switching) with a short press and dimming brighter/darker (DPT 3.007 Relative Dimming) with a long press?

In order to achieve this you should change the function of Button 1 to be “Dimming”. As part of the functions of the GIRA switch you will be able to perform both Switching and Relative Dimming with the single button - you just need to create two group addresses - one for the Button 1 Switching group object (short press) and one for the Button 1 Relative Dimming group object (long press).

For example:

1/1/1 Button 1 Switching - Actuator 1 Channel A Switching
1/1/2 Button 1 Relative Dimming - Actuator 1 Channel A Relative Dimming

I hope this is some help.

Best regards,

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