KNX Tunable white LED controller via Openhab

Hi all,

I want to control an LED connected to two channels of a LED controller which allows using the tunable white feature.

How does openhab support such a GA? Do I have to use dimmer or color as an ItemType?

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Hi there, i have the same question. You could use Colorpicker but thats not the best Solution for me.

Hi, have you found a solution? I have the same problem.
I also need an item to control 2 DMX channels simultaneously with a slider. (from warm to cold)

I have made this now for a switch … but it would work similary for multiple tunable white channels:

Switch Switch_LivingRoom_All “Licht Gesamt” (Lights) { channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD23:Dimmer_Couch”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD23:Dimmer_Living”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD23:Dimmer_Chimney”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD23:Dimmer_Table”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD24:Dimmer_Central”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD24:Dimmer_Kitchen_Cupboards”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD24:Dimmer_Kitchen_Area”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD28:Dimmer_Kitchen_Windows”, channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD28:Dimmer_TV”}

In case of DMX there is a tunablewhite Thing available. The outcome is a slider for changing the light temperature from cold to warm.

I have these items in my sitemap to enable a switch and a dimmer for tunable white …

Dimmer Dimmer_ChildStreet “Licht” (Lights) { channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD28:Dimmer_ChildStreet” }
Switch Switch_Kizi_Street “Licht” (Lights) { channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD28:Switch_Kizi_Street” }
Dimmer Dimmer_TW_ChildStreet “TW” { channel=“knx:device:merten:AKD28:Dimmer_TW_ChildStreet” }

Slider item=Dimmer_ChildStreet label=“Normales Licht dimmen [%d %%]” sendFrequency=400 switchSupport
Switch item=Switch_Kizi_Street label=“Licht”
Slider item=Dimmer_TW_ChildStreet icon=“colorpicker” label=“Farbe ändern [%d %%]” sendFrequency=400 switchSupport

Do you use a KNX gateway or do you want to connect the openhab directly to the DMX gateway?

Hi, Thanks for the many reactions.
In my project, DMX is controlled by KNX.
The Openhab server is superior. If the CPU fails, the KNX system will still work.
Single DMX channels are assigned to KNX group addresses.
These are controlled by KNX components and parallel by openhab.
I think if I drive DMX over a separate IP gateway, I can not use the CPU fail-safe system.
The KNX system would not notice if DMX channels are controlled by IP.
Currently I can adjust the Tunable White light colors (warm white to cold white) only via 2 separate sliders.
(One for cold white, one for warm white)
I need a KNX slider that controls 2 channels simultaneously, like the RBG color slider.
Greetings bbcare

what kind of group addresses do you use?

I have one that adjustes the calvin number of the TW channel from cold to warm white.

Which DMX gateway do you use?

warmwhite CH13

and the same for coldwhite CH14

to switch DPT 1.001 (1Bit)
to value DPT 5.001 (1Byte 0-100%)

KNX / DMX Gateway:
This model: DMXBUS-K “GW612110”
BES - GW612110

Tunable White Script

so should the regulator work:

the slider 0-100% should adjust 2 channels at the same time

if 0% then CH1 = 100% CH2 = 0%
if 5% then CH1 = 95% CH2 = 5%
if 10% then CH1 = 90% CH2 = 10%
if 30% then CH1 = 70% CH2 = 30%
if 50% then CH1 = 50% CH2 = 50%
if 70% then CH1 = 30% CH2 = 70%
if 90% then CH1 = 10% CH2 = 90%
if 95% then CH1 = 5% CH2 = 95%
if 100% then CH1 = 0% CH2 = 100%

can this be done in Openhab with a script or rule?

What would a skype script look like?

I saw that this gateway has also a RGB functionality … did you try to use this one with leaving one channel blank? Tuneable white just needs two channels and not three like for RGB. Still that might be a way to do it …

I’m testing this tonight.
can I use the color picker as a 0-100% slider?

I would try it with a dimmer first …

Type dimmer        : demoDimmer        "Dimmer"      [ switch="5/0/0+<5/0/1", position="5/0/2+<5/0/3", increaseDecrease="5/0/4" ]

Now I have an additional problem …
The DMX Gateway provides only “dpt 232.600” per RGB group.
the “glass push-button 2” (MDT.BE-GT20x.01) only one dpt each 3.007 dimmer step for HUE, Sat, Val