KNX2 Binding for DPT 7.600 Color Temperature


has someone already successfully controlled the color temperature of a “tunable white” LED using the KNX 2 Binding?
I’m trying to use the MDT Dali 32 Control device and set the color temperature by writing DPT 7.600 (Kelvin).

Here is my setup:

Number  ColorTemp  "Light Family Temperature"  {channel="knx:device:bridge:DaliControl:daliD1G1FamilyTemp" }
Thing device DaliControl [...] {  
  Type number  : daliD1G1FamilyTemp "Family Room Temp" [ position="7.600:1/4/0+<3/2/0"]

The only result is a log file with a parsing fault:

2018-07-15 14:12:14.484 [INFO ] [g.knx.internal.dpt.KNXCoreTypeMapper] - Translator couldn’t parse data for datapoint type ‘7.600’ (KNXFormatException).
2018-07-15 14:12:14.485 [WARN ] [.internal.handler.DeviceThingHandler] - Ignoring KNX bus data: couldn’t transform to any Type (destination=‘3/2/0’, datapoint=‘command DP 3/2/0 ‘knx:device:bridge:DaliControl’, DPT id 7.600, low priority’, data=‘0x1250’)

Did I something wrong? Is 7.600 not supported so far? Other hints?

stupid me…

I started configuring it as dimmer, but changed the Type then to number. So the attribute must be of type “ga”, not of “position”.
Of course, DPT 7.600 is not standardized, it’s mdt proprietary and openhab has it’s problems with this type. Thus I changed it to the (wrong) DPT 7.013.

Type number         : daliD1G1FamilyFarbTemp        "Dali Family Room Farbtemperatur"  [ ga="7.013:1/4/0+<3/2/0"]

works well!

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