Knx2 color channel

Hello, I’m new and happy with OH2. I read that 2.4 and 2.5 version are able to handle KNX datatype 232.600 for RGB lamp color control. I can’t find any documentation regarding correct syntax for use it. I tried:

Type color : LightRgb “RGB Light” [ hsb=“232.600:0/0/81” ]

Color LightRgb “RGB Light” { channel=“knx:device:bridge:generic:LightRgb” }

colorpicker item=LightRgb

I can pick up the color but no knx message is going out.

Thanks in advance

unfortunately, has not been updated to cover:


Type color : LightRgb  "RGB Light" [ hsb="232.600:<0/0/81"]

Capital “C” for Colorpicker

Colorpicker item=LightRgb

It worked great for me.
Thanks so much.

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