KNX2 - No more ON or OFF events

Since updating to the KNX 2 Binding I have no longer simple change to ON or change to OFF events visible. I only see events when for example a Switch changes from OFF to ON. Is there a way to get the first type of events also to Openhab as it was in the 1.x KNX binding independed of the actual switch state?

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Maybe this is annother side effect of the changes discussed here: KNX 2: Received command rule trigger does not work

I have seen that - a lot of text to read :wink: - but in the end it is fact to me that the knx2 binding is only providing "changed from ? to ? " events, no " changed to? " events and no " has changed " events. All those of the second and third type are ignored by the binding. So, the question is, is it a bug, or is the behavior is by design? If it is by design, is there a way to change it via configuration?

From what I understood it is by design and can‘t be configured otherwise. All you can implement are workarounds with -control items and / or using the .state items. Not sure about the details, but it looks to me unneccessary complicated, just to be „in line“ with the basic concepts of oh2.

Thanks for the feedback Frank, I’ve already build some workarounds for a few of my rules.
But if it is by design it spans most often a gap between the state of the physical KNX switches and the state in Openhab. I have recognized that not only my light switches states are drifting away, especially for the roller shutter switches I have further problems because any stop and stop moves are also not transferred to Openhab. That is limiting the use of KNX switches for non KNX devices controlled via Openhab.
I hope that this will be changed….

Regarding the Start/stop, I read something like 2/4/4ss for the Start/Stop GA (add the two “s” to the respecive GA), that seems to do the job.

I’ve tested it with the “ss” on the GAs, but that has no effect. I remember that from the KNX1 syntax and I’m not aware that this in also implemented in the KNX2 binding…