KNX2: openhab doens't recognize some GAs

I switched from KNX1 (which worked) to KNX2, which no makes some problems (the problem sits in front of the screen :wink: )
May I have please a more detailed explanation, when the KNX control-items are needed? Some examples? Is there a genrerice way, to say which thing needs a -control and which doesn’t? Can I find out this in my ETS?
Maybe any GA which has no coresponding status GA in ETS?

Thanks for your help.

In general, if openHAB holds the real status of a GA, thy type should be *-control
When using a *-control channel, you will be able to receive commands from knx, where you won’t receive commands when using the “not-control” channel type, e.g. to receive INCREASE/DECREASE from a wall switch, you have to use a dimmer-control channel. When using the -control channel type, openHAB will act as the actuator. openHAB will ignore the < symbol to read the status, as openHAB now will represent the status. openHAB will react on each read request sent to the first GA of each parameter. Think of a dimmer-control device:

Type dimmer-control : myDimmer "My dimmer" [switch="1/1/1+1/1/2",position="1/1/3+1/1/4",increaseDecrease="1/1/5"]

openHAB will send the status to 1/1/1 and 1/1/3 when

  • it receives a read request
  • the state changes

openHAB will react on commands received on each of the 5 GA.

Thanks for your explanation, it clarifies a lot.

I have KNX motion detectors, where openhab should also react on detected motions (within rules). This means, to recognize the “motion-command” in openhab, this thing needs to have a control-channel, right?

Ah, I think to understand the difference now:
Items without control-channel dont get a “received command” from KNX, but just “changed from XX to YY”, which means I need to change my trigger in the rules from

rule "Morgenlicht"
  Item BewegungEsszimmer received command ON or 
  Item BewegungDiele received command ON


rule "Morgenlicht"
  Item BewegungEsszimmer changed to ON or 
  Item BewegungDiele changed to ON

or change the thing-channel to -control.
Am I right with this interpretation?

Jepp :slight_smile: