KNX2 shuts down Jung Rollershutter Actuator

some days ago I changed the Thing definition for a Rollershutter as follows:

Thing device Jalou2 [
        // device ID: 
        // Dieser Rolladenaktuator darf nicht mit korekter Hardwareadresse angegeben werden. OH fragt ihn sonst so oft ab, das er abstürzt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ] {
	Type rollershutter :  Shutter_GF_WZ_South "Shutter_GF_WZ_South" [ upDown = "1/2/5+<1/2/5", stopMove = "1/2/4", position = "1/2/14<1/2/14" ]
	Type rollershutter :  Shutter_GF_WZ_West "Shutter_GF_WZ_West" [ upDown = "1/2/7+1/2/7", stopMove = "1/2/6", position = "1/2/16+<1/2/16" ]
	Type rollershutter :  Shutter_GF_WZ_North "Shutter_GF_WZ_North" [ upDown = "<1/2/9", stopMove = "1/2/8", position = "5.001:1/2/15+<1/2/15" ]

Before that, the 3 definitions resided in a “generic” Thing. I test it, was working. During the week I noticed, that the Rollershutter wasn’t working anymore. As soon as I reset the KNX-Bus it was working again. This was reproducable. Allways some minutes after the reset, the RS stoppt working, even when the GA was sent by a wallswitch (Gira). O.K., I thought the RS si out of order. I replaced it with an other RS, also Jung.

  1. one: 2204REGH
  2. one: 2204REG
    The problem accoured also on the second one. I found, that when I change the Hardware-Adress to something else than the real adrress of the RS, there is no problem.
    I can’t use the Busmonitor, only the GA-Monitor. I see, that OH starts to pull GAs from the RS, and the frequence increases by time.
    I don’t know, if there is something wrong in my definitions. This accours only with these two actuators.
    Also, the other KNX-devices appear as offline in PaperUI–>configuration–>things although some Harware-Adresses are given in the definition. Only the bridge is shown as online.
    I use two IP/KNX-Gateways:
    for OH: Eibmarkt KNX/IP-Interface
    for ETS: CU-DIN IPRT

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is a bug of the KNX2 Binding. Maybe someone else can say something to this (funny) thing.

basically, the actuator data query is currently not used for any binding function and is optional. Therefore I recommend to do without it by NOT specifying an address. Some hardware doesn’t like to be queried.

Therefore you can delete the parameters “address”, “fetch” and “pingInterval” from the configuration and the crashes are gone.

Thing device Jalou2 [
] {…}

Thanks for that hint.