KNX2: Some telegrams repeated


I am using the KNX2 Binding with the Milestone 4 release of openHAB 2.

After switching to the KNX2 binding I noticed that my rules that triggered on “received command” did not work any longer. For the rollershutters I could not change the rules to “changed” triggers, as there is no change when e.g. pressing the stop button. So for the rollershutters I created two things, one of type rollershutter and one of type “rollershtter-control” and the corresponding items. This was a workaround, that was suggested here:

Thing device knx-1_1_76 [
    ] {
        Type rollershutter-control   : Rollaeden_EG_Taster                              "Taster Rolläden EG"                             [ upDown="0/4/20", stopMove="0/4/21" ]

Thing device generic [
     ] {
        Type rollershutter           : Rollaeden_EG                                    "Rolläden EG"                                     [ upDown="0/4/20", stopMove="0/4/21", position="0/4/22" ]
Rollershutter Rollaeden_EG                      "Rolläden EG"                                                    (gZentral_Rollaeden)                                           { channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:Rollaeden_EG" }
Rollershutter Rollaeden_EG_Taster               "Rolläden EG"                                                                                                                   { channel="knx:device:bridge:knx-1_1_76:Rollaeden_EG_Taster" }

Today I notices, that openHAB repeats the telegram to the KNX bus when I press the wall mounted switch to move my rollershutters, as can be seen in the following excerpt from my Timberwolf ServerKNX logging facility. PA 1.1.76 is the wall mounted switch, 1.1.241 openHAB.

|27.10.2018 19:17:50 |3674 |low |0 |SF |6 |1.1.76 (Tastsensor 4fach Universal TSM) |0/4/20 GA (Rolläden EG (auf/ab)) |Down|
|27.10.2018 19:17:50 |3674 |low |0 |SF |6 |1.1.241 |0/4/20 GA (Rolläden EG (auf/ab)) |Down|

Is this intentionally or might this be a bug? Is there anything I could do to prevent this behavior?

Thanks for your help!


I still found no solution for this problem.

I can’t really believe, that I am the only one observing this behavior, maybe something is wrong with my setup?

I am not sure but I think this is intentional (with the -control type of Channels)

Thanks for your assessment!

Even if this is intentionally I think, this behavior should be reconsidered. When there are two active openHAB instances (e.g. for production and testing) these two instances will send those KNX packets with maximum rate to each other, even if there is no rule active.


You can open an issue on github to make sure if this is intentional (I don’t know)
Add as much info as possible for others to be able to reproduce the issue.

True… but this is not a standard setup. This would be considered an edge case.

I opened this issue:

True… but this is not a standard setup. This would be considered an edge case.

Probably not the standard setup, but it might also effect other KNX logic engines or even the KNX actuators. I could even think of scenarios in which it could shorten the lifetime of the KNX actuators hardware, when the relays are switched to often.