Knxd crashes after sending to USB


I have wasted a good 4h this moring switching from a (near) perfectly working eibd setup to knxd.

I use a ABB USB interface connected to a Raspi3 with my OH installation.

Before switching to knxd i was using the command:

 /usr/bin/eibd -d -D -S -T -i --pid-file=/var/run/ usb:1:5:1:0:0

For knxd I used version 0.14.30 (the stable you get via apt install)

knxd --daemon=/var/log/knx.log --pid-file=/var/run/ --eibaddr=7.0.1 --client-addrs=7.0.2:3 --Name=knxd -D -T -S --listen-tcp=3671 -B log -b usb

Where the latter works as long as nothing is sent to the bus.

After sending to the usb - the log file shows:

knxd: Layer 0 [12:log/B.usb          135.606] Send L_Data low from 7.0.4 to 1/2/3 hops: 05 
T_DATA_XXX_REQ A_GroupValue_Write (small) 00
knxd: Layer 0 [12:log/B.usb          135.907] State errored
knxd: Layer 0 [12:log/B.usb          135.907] State stop
knxd: F00000108: [14:B.usb] Send while buffer not empty
knxd: Layer 0 [12:log/B.usb          135.907] State errored
knxd: F00000105: [10:B.usb] Link down, terminating
knxd: E00000035: [14:B.usb] SendError 40cee8 status 3

A search through github lead me to believe that it is to do with the timing that is set too low for USB devices.
It was supposedly fixed - But I could not see that. Maybe I missed setting some parameter? Or does knxd just not work with my ABB interface?


I believ I have the same error with an different USB Interface. Do you know any solution yet?

best regards René

Well my solution was to go back to eibd (knxd is a forked and updated version of eibd) With eibd it all works fine - the only issue I have is that the service I wrote for eibd always requires a manual restart of the service upon every restart of my raspi before it really works.
That was my only intention to switch to knxd. But it turned out to be so much hassle to get knxd running - that I eventually gave up and just live with the little invonvenience