Kobo touch to display openhab dashboord

I thought I would share what I have done in terms of using my kobo touch as the dispay interface to openhab

I hacked the Kobo with a debian image and used python and qt quick as the language and ui frameworks respectively.

The Kobo gets data from openhab via REST and display some of the data available. It also has buttons that can be pressed to switch on bedlights, etc linked to my home automation system.

Im displaying the following information retrieved from openhab:

  • alarm state and open windows and doors
  • sunrise and sunset times
  • time and date
  • electricity units left in the meter
  • Energy power - total, fridges, geyser, pool, irrigation.
  • chance of rain, current temperature [from sensors in the house]
  • forecast temperature for today
  • wind today
  • weekly weather forecast
  • state of my bedlight and electric blanket as button which can switch them on/off as well.

Ive added the app called QOK [Qt on Kobo - how original!! ] to the awesome menu.
Ive also added UsbNet to the menu, although I use wifi at home.

I framed it also using my unused dremel for the waf.

Now my next project is to do boat automation using the kobo display in full sun with the intention to use phonegap apps on the android image of kobo.

Here are a picture:

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Wow! Very impressing!
Keep up the good work.

Hello Jason,

This is fantastic !
I had the project to do exactly the same thing (let alone the wood frame :slight_smile:) but gave up due to lack of time.
I think that an always-ON e-Ink dashboard brings a huge benefit for home monitoring.
Any chance you could share your Python and Qt code ?


Hi Jason,

really nice project!
I found this post while searching for a possibility to use my Kobo as a remote control for openHAB.

I would like to join @Paul_Ochon for asking you if could provide us a little bit of example code :slight_smile:?

Best regards,

Here is the code for the project: https://github.com/jasonhector/qok


Is this cool thing still maintained? And is there a manual for the carcking/Debian install/installation of the app?

If you were to do this again today, would the Kobo still need to be hacked first?

This article for Homey makes it seem like he doesn’t hack it first: