Kodi Addon

Hi All,

I battled all weekend to use the Kodi addon till i messed up my current configuration and had to reinstall openhab. My problem is that, i need to openhab to be able to control Kodi and also send Gui notifications. I had this working on xbmc addon and was very straight forward. I wanted to start using the new kodi addon, and i managed to get the rest of the features working on Kodi. However Kodi addon simply wont display any notifications. The error displayed indicated in the logs says callback url not found. However, the callbackurl is defined. I read in some posts that Kodi Plugin does not require username and password. So what does it take to display notifications using Kodi addon.

I tried using xbmc action item and that too wouldnt work because i could not figure out where the username and password is defined. My current workaround is usinga script to send the notofication which is ok, but very user friendly.