Kodi Binding , Openhab 3 Issue


I use the current Kodi binding in connection with my Kodi 18.9.

the problem is the channel “mediatype” does not update correctly and often only shows unknown.

If I play a film, for example, then the item “mediatype” should be yes “movie”, but this does not work properly.

the same for episodes, sometimes it shows “episode”, sometimes it just shows “unknown” for the same episode.

how do you reach the maintainer of the binding?

the items “season” and “episode” are always empty too.

season	Number	Season number if currently playing tv episode
episode	Number	Episode number if currently playing tv episode


Perhaps you can help?

Its been a while since I have done this but the solution I used to use was to use a 3rd party app that would scan your library and create NFO? files. I believe emby may also do this as well as a lot more for kodi, so perhaps check out emby.
Its usually caused by the recording not having enough info or the online databases giving multiple matches, so these programs will usually present a list of the possible matches for you to choose the correct one.