Kodi Page up and page down buttons?

Hey Guys, I’m trying to get pageup and pagedown buttons to work in hab panel,

so far I have added kodi via the paper ui, it was in my inbox right away, I linked all of the available channels.
then within hab panel I created a bunch of buttons for play, stop, up, down, left, right, back, select, showOSD, info, and context menu. They all work associated with the string item kodi_sendakey

however I can’t get the buttons for page up and page down to work, the documentation says there should be a channel type inputaction but it’s not in the channel list in the paper ui. I’ve tried to manually add the kodi mediacenter by removing it via the paper ui and then going into kodi.things and kodi.items and setting it up there, but when I add it manually it never comes online (evan though the configuration is identical).

Anyone have any ideas? help would be much appreciated

Hi @l1t7l3ph0o7,

I have collapsed the show more button, only channels listed are:
Volume, Mute, Control, Stop, play uri, play pvr tv, play pvr radio, pvr channel title, show notification, send input as text, send system command, title, show title, album, artist, media type, thumbnail, and fanart.

I also tried to adding this item to kodi.items. but nothing happens:
String KodiBase_input “Input” { channel=“kodi:kodi:94eb4760-d87a-1b13-e7fc-5aadfcb9e206:inputaction” }

I snagged this part “kodi:kodi:94eb4760-d87a-1b13-e7fc-5aadfcb9e206:” from one of the other channels in the paperui
but still no luck

edit: I suppose at this point I’d like to figure out why I can’t manually ad the kodi media center by editing the files. I think I’d have better luck doing it that way (never really been a fan of the paper ui to get things done) Or at least find where the paper ui is putting these items and things so i can edit them manually

May I ask for your OH2 version?

yes, it’s 2.2.0-1

You have to upgrade your system. The channel is available since OH2.3.

oh ok, thank you. I’ll give it a try

Good luck. Give me a hint if it works for you or - even better - mark this thread as solved.

Thank you so much, worked like a charm