Kodi playnotification & say()

Hello together,
hope someone can help me with my current Problem. i upgraded to 2.5 now. and want add some TTS fuinctions to my System.
Goal is to let openhab speak to my Kodi Systems.
if i configure the kodi Audio sink as the Default Output i can hear the voice. Fine.
but it should be a Notication. when using the Audio Sink, Playback on kodi stops as soon as a say command is raised.
Kodi Binding has a playnotification item , but i can not figure out how to use this.
even fi i try e.g.
“Playnotification.sendCommand(“doorbell.mp3”)” i can see at kodi that it seems to try to Play something ( but no Sound)
additionally if i raise a say command or a Playnotification.sendCommand i can see in openhab that the log is flooded with crypted Messages for played title Messages.
“kodi_kodi_mysystem_title changed from 96320c94-a6b8-4084-a68e-d10f4ff9f4fc to 9a0d6077-cace-4190-89d1-c9939c87af0d”

and finally to “mediatype changed from song to UNDEF”

i can not figure out why kodi Plays a song and not a simple notification.

any help ??

Where is this mp3 file located and does OH have access to it?

this is the Standard file available when installing openhab. located in /config/sounds.
it can be played using playSound(“doorbell.mp3”) (Default audiosink us used. and this test works