Kodi streaming

I am configuring the binding of kodi, know if it is possible to play the video streaming on habpanel? using a frame with URL of the source or through the protocol uPnP … or with other methods?
thank you

It’s not an issue with HABPanel but of HTML. HTML and browsers can only serve mp4, ogg, or webm unless you use a custom plugin. You can’t even stream an mpeg unless you use the img tag. What exactly is the stream media type?

When you navigate to the Kodi webinterface (it’s on port 80 in my installation), can you view the stream?

It doesn’t work for me, but maybe you can use it somehow to get a stream to your HABpanel.

What do you want to achieve?

mkv and/or mp3

not even me

You cannot stream mkv directly without a browser plugin. Like I said, HTML5 will only play the mime types I mentioned above.