Kodi takes sometimes up to 15 minutes to come online

Hi guys,

I’m strugling a lot with the kodi binding lately. I’m using it to check the status of kodi, if it’s playing, what is playing to control the lights and show playing information on my wall display in the kitchen.

My Kodi PC:

  • Kodi version: 18.6
  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU Core I3 9100
  • Memory: 8gb
  • Harddrive: SDD

Kodi Settings

  • enabled HTTP Access via port 8080 with username and no password.
  • Zeroconf is off (has something to do with Apple devices I guess?).
  • Control from applications on this and other systems are enabled.
  • enabled UPnP and control via UPnP.

Windows settings

  • Firewall: opened ports 8080 and 9090

I configured the binding via PaperUI. When I configure it via files, it works only one time when I use a new unique name for the thing, when i change anything afterwards, the thing is gone and won’t come back. Via PaperUI the thing always exists when i create it.

The problem is pretty strange, when I configured everything as mentioned above and i start kodi, it comes online after a short time (couple of seconds). But when I put my Kodi computer in standby and wake it, the Things from the Kodi binding stay offline for a long period. I just tested it and it took 17 minutes for my Kodi Thing to come online, no matter what I do in Kodi (playing a video, stopping, waiting and do nothing, screensaver, doesn’t matter).

I tried everything. Change the password, delete the binding, delete the things, change names, disable the firewall, change the kodi skin (I use Arctic Zephyr 2, beautifull but not official), but nothing works. I only can make it worse by use files in stead of paperUI, check the logfiles from kodi > nothing, check the openhab log (without debug the kodi binding, i don’t know how to do that) > no strange things,

Hope anyone has an idea what’s going on or can anyone help me with this?

Hi Jeroen,

One question - but I guess that is not the real issue: Did your Kodi device gets the same IP address all the time? Or does it change after e.g. reboot.

You can enable e.g. TRACE logging for the binding to find out if the request of the binding to Kodi is successful or not. There should be a continuous polling for the connection status. Do the following steps:

My Kodi device had a fixed ip address. Thnx for the info, I will look into the log files via karaf console. Hopefully I will find a clue why this is happening.

I’m still having issues with this. When kodi is off for a long time (i guess 15 minutes or so) and i power it on (from hybernate) the Kodi thing comes online with no problem. Stop and start a video shows in my log with no problems.

But when I Hybernate the pc and power it on short after that (within a couple of minutes), it doesn’t come online, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to come online.

The way to force it online is Stop the binding via Karaf. Or change the Refresh interval when i have
Kodi added via PaperUi. At the time im using a .Things file, because it’s more convenient.

Hope someone can help me with this, im struggling with it for about a year or so.

p.s. It looks like a bug in the binding, but im not sure of that.