Kodi to control openhab?


I know there is a plugin for openhab to control kodi. But what about the other way around?

I don’t really have any need to desire to control kodi from opentab, as I’ve so many ways to do that.

But it would be really good, if while watching something on kodi, I could jump to some of the things to control, without getting phone or something

anyone know of anything like that?


There is a Kodi Plugin for OpenHAB, but was last updated in 2017.
I had installed it back then to play around with but never really used it, and did not reinstall it. In fact fogot about it until now…


If the OH plugin doesn’t work, you should be able to do it with MQTT or Node Red. I just did a quick Google search and there are lots of resources out there.

If you get it working, I imagine lots of people would be interested in a tutorial. :wink:

Those plugins all seemed to be aimed the openhab controlling kodi, either with a plugin to MQTT.

I can’t really see the hook to do it the other way around.

Then perhaps you are the only person interested in this functionality. :thinking:

This link talks about triggering a Python script to send an IP message, but I don’t know anything about that.

This isn’t something I’d personally pursue, but I’m supportive of people trying new ideas for the sake of trying new ideas!

I’d think technically you will still want a setup with openHAB “controlling” Kodi.
Note OH can send commands yes but it can also retrieve states and act upon state changes (only).
So you would need the Kodi binding, configure OH to have an item to represent the Kodi play state, then trigger upon that item to change state in an OH rule to finally disable your phone etc in that rule.

I’ve just been pointed to this. I think there are use cases for both Kodi being used to control Openhab (as an interface ) and also Kodi being controlled by Openhab as a device.

I think this applies more generally for things like Smart TVs and also the tablet devices like Habpanelviewer.